Dr. Martin Lupowitz, D.C. - Accord Chiropractic
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Located at 2919 Lucas Turnpike. 1/2 mile from R. 209 in Accord, 1.7 miles from Kyserike Rd. intersection.

Dr. Lupowitz

Dr. Lupowitz is proficient in a variety of established chiropractic techniques, from traditional "osseous" adjusting, to lighter techniques including stretching, spinal mobilization, lumbar flexion-traction, Activator, SOT, and other soft tissue methods. All treatment plans, including methods used and treatment frequency, are individually designed; there is no "standard" approach. Regardless of the techniques employed, at no point is excessive force used; my goal is to work with your body's own healing capacities. Appointments are never rushed, and waiting room time is always minimal.

Office Hours:

  • Monday          8:30-11
  • Wednesday   9-1 & 3-7
  • Friday             3-7

Accord Chiropractic

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